Representative examples of the firm's experience

Representing Profertil S.A., the largest fertilizer (urea) plant, in the negotiation of their gas supply agreements and regulatory issues.

Representing International Finance Corporation in an administrative action related to oil and gas custom duties payments in Argentina.

Representing Pioneer Natural Resources Company (the second largest US independent oil and natural gas concern) in the US $ 1,200 million acquisition of Chauvco Resources, Ltd.

Representing Texaco Argentina the reorganization of its lubricants business in Argentina.

Prepared the legal aspects of the strategic study of the oil and gas assets of Compañía General de Combustibles S.A. (CGC) as part of the Southern Cross Fund due diligence process to become the controlling shareholder of CGC.

Representing Chevron Corporation in its Antitrust filing in Argentina due its merger with Texaco Corporation.

Representing the group lead by the Northumbrian Water Group PLC in the privatization of the potable water distribution system of Cordoba.

Representing The Environmental Quality Company, a leading US environmental company, in the acquisition of one of the largest Argentine environmental companies, Desler S.A.

Representing International Water Limited, a UK utility subsidiary of Bechtel Enterprises Incorporated (US) and United Utilities International Limited (UK) in privatizations and water related projects in Argentina.

Representing the Group formed by Quitral-Co S.A., Phoenix S.A. Labs and Panam S.A., in the planned privatization of YPF´s petrochemical plant Petroquímica General Mosconi.

Representing N.V. NUON, a Dutch utility in their participation in the water concessions in the provinces of Formosa and Santiago del Estero.

Representing Chevron San Jorge S.R.L., in the project for the construction of a 132 kw power line between ETT Loma de la Lata EPEN and ETT El Trapial.

Representing the Group formed by Compañía Naviera Perez Companc S.A., Astra S.A., Pluspetrol S.A., and Isaura S.A., in the privatization of YPF's refinery, Refineriadel Norte S.A. (take-over)

Representing the Group formed by Compañía Naviera Perez Companc S.A., Astra S.A., Bolland S.A., Tecpetrol S.A., Pluspetrol S.A., and Bridas S.A., in the privatization of YPF's oil pipeline, Oleoductos del Valle S.A. (take-over)

Assisting Compañía Naviera Perez Companc S.A. in various aspects of the privatization of YPF's refinery, Destileria San Lorenzo.

Representing the Group lead by Amoco Argentina Oil Company in the privatization of YPF's oil maritime terminals, Terminales Maritimas Patagonicas S.A.

Representing Perez Companc S.A. in the US 140 million sale of all the shares of Quitral-Co S.A.I.C. (the largest Argentine drilling company) to Pride Petroleum Inc.

Representing Perez Companc S.A. in the sale of all the shares of Servicios Especiales San Antonio Pride Petroleum Inc.

Representing Chevron San Jorge S.A. in the acquisition of substantially all the oil and gas assets of Alberta Energy Corporation in Argentina.

Representing Chevron San Jorge S.R.L. in all the bidding processes called by the province of Neuquén for exploratory areas.

Representing Amoco Argentina Oil Company, among other law suits, in a law suit with their main landowner.

Representing Dong Won Corporation in issues related to their oil & gas activity in Argentina. 

Representing Servicios Especiales San Antonio S.A., an oil and gas services company subsidiary of Perez Companc S.A., in a biding round in the Sultanate of Oman.   

Serving as lead counsel for Petroquimica Cuyo S.A.I.C. in their Polypropylene Plant Project, which involved an investment of US$ 160,000,000.

Representing Perez Companc S.A. and its subsidiaries, in the restructuring of their presence in Venezuela.

Representing Refinor S.A. in the structuring of the acquisition of a refinery facility from the ABB Lumus Crest Corporation located in Houston, Texas. 

Representing Southeastern Drilling Co. in the negotiation of the first oil and gas contract in Argentina, during President's Frondizi term. This pioneer contract covered one thousand (1,000) wells for drilling in the Patagonia region.

Representing Perez Companc S.A., in the privatization of Petroquimica Bahia Blanca S.A. and Indupa S.A..

Representing Perez Companc S.A. in the privatization (construction, operation and concession) of the Mexican Merida III gas pipeline project, as a member of the consortium formed with Nova Corporation and The Williams Companies, with an anticipated investment of over US $ 200 million.

Representing Termap S.A. in the Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication and Supply Agreement for the US $ 15 million SPM Systems for the Marine Terminals of Caleta Olivia and Caleta Cordova, to be provided by Mitsui  & Co, Ltd.

Representing Hidrocarburos Fueguinos, a company wholly owned by the Province of Tierra del Fuego, in the re-negotiation of an Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management Agreement of a refinery in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego.

Representing Profertil S.A., a company owned by YPF S.A., and Agrium, Inc. (Canada), in their project of building and operating the largest fertilizer (urea) plant in the world.

Representing Cadbury Schweppes, PLC, in certain aspects of their acquisition of 100% of the shares of Productos Stani S.A.I.C.

Representing Cinemark USA, Inc. one of the largest multiplex theatres chains in the world in all their activity in Argentina.

Representing Euro RSCG, a subsidiary of the French conglomerate Vivendi, in their acquisition of one the leading advertising firms in Argentina, Lautrec Publicidad S.A. Filing with the Antitrust authorities.

Representing Grey Wolf, Inc., a drilling company, in various law suites including customs, commercial and labor claims.    

Representing Condor Gold Corporation in its mining operations in Argentina.

Representing Dawn Food Products, the acquisition of an Argentine food distribution company.

Representing Komatsu Latin-America Corporation, on several bankruptcy proceedings to recover its credits.

Representing The Sabre Group, Inc., a subsidiary of AMR Corporation in its information technology and outsourcing activity in Argentina. 

Representing Electronic Data System Corporation (“EDS”), in the acquisition and restructuring of its management division in Argentina.

Representing Pernod Ricard S.A., in a merger control filing in Argentina  due to its acquisition of Allied Domeq PLC.

Representing Chevron Corporation, in a merger control filing in Argentina  due to its acquisition of Unocal Corporation.

Representing Research Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. in the start up process of its business in Argentina.

Representing Cinemark Argentina SA in the acquisition of Hoyts Cinemas and its merger control filing.